Reading these facts  may make you uncomfortable…...and they should! Our hope is that you will become so uncomfortable not doing something, that you will be moved to do something! That is exactly what happened to us. After reading and watching some really horrific facts on the human sex trafficking going on all around us, we decided we wanted to do something to help raise awareness and money for the Operation Underground Railroad which is fighting everyday to rescue women and children from human trafficking. We want to come alongside them and GET LOUD by bringing AWARENESS to a very real EPIDEMIC in our world. 


The Facts: (taken from the book Unraveled By: Amanda Florczykowski)

-Did you know that Americans are the number one consumers of child porn? 

-Or that Human Trafficking generates $150.2 BILLION dollars annually, world-wide? 

-That 1.8 BILLION images of child sex abuse is shared online EVERY SINGLE DAY? 

What about this? 

-In the last 5 years child sex trafficking has INCREASED BY 846%

-That human trafficking is the FASTEST growing crime worldwide

-The average victim makes the trafficker $300,000 before they die, become unuseful, or age out. 

-On average, a trafficked child is victimized 5.4 TIMES PER DAY in the U.S.

(Being raped over and over again is literally their entire life.)

-And unfortunately, the younger the child, the higher the value.  Some of the youngest victims have the umbilical cord still attached.(Pregnant women are even becoming targets because of the demand for newborns.)

And you may be thinking, you’re just one person. You surely can’t really do anything to help end human trafficking. One person is not going to make a difference, right? 

But what if it does?

What if one child is rescued? One baby, one teen, one scared young boy or girl. What if one family is reunited? Or one captive set free? 

Would you help then? 

Good. Because the work is already being done -- and we just want to do whatever we possibly can to help O.U.R. continue the very real change they are making by rescuing, helping with survivor recovery and healing and the capturing of these terrible people committing these crimes.

By purchasing a t-shirt, and sharing it on social media (with the hashtag #saveourchildren), YOU will be part of the solution. We can’t turn our back on these kids. We are just one person, but so are they. Lets END human trafficking together!