O.U.R. Rescue Fundraiser

100% of all proceeds go the Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to rescue the women and children in human trafficking, and the capture of the men and women behind this terrible epidemic. Please help us, help them, and together we can do something to end human trafficking in our world, and be a voice for the voiceless.  Click HERE to purchase your  "Join The Fight" and "Shine A Light" t-shirts today and help spread awareness and donate to a great cause.

Giving Back to the Hope For The Warriors

 We will be featuring the "Warrior Club" hat, that we designed for the "Hope For The Warriors" charity. For every hat sold, $5 will go towards their cause. We hope that not only does this bring awareness to a charity that you might not have known about and opens a door to get more involved but also to give you an opportunity to give back and get a great hat in the process. Below you can easily purchase the Warrior Club hat and give back today!

Customer Reviews

When I received my Sonder hat I immediately was impressed, it was packaged very nicely, very well made, stylish and fit like it was supposed too! I'm big on small details and there is nothing about my hat that I could frown upon! Great product and I would highly recommend Sonder Apparel.

Nathan Whited

I have two Sonder hats and they are great! I wear them both all the time. They fit perfectly and are made with high quality materials. They have designs to fit every persons style. 

Gabe Bowles

I've never been more of a fan of a hat company! The brand's individuality really shows on each style of hat they offer. Also I have never found a better fitting hat! I'll be buying Sonder hats for time  to come!

Eric Ziegler

This is by far my favorite hat to date! I've used it now for fishing and duck and goose hunting! Its super comfortable and actually fits me well. I would absolutely recommend Sonder to any of my friends and fellow hunters!

Mia Pedersen

I big thank you to Sonder for making a good looking hat that fits me perfectly. I will definitely be buying more in the future. 

Bryan McMinn